In the early 2010’s, I started my Instagram as a teenager and getting into
photography deeper and deeper… I was about 12 years old when I started
to spend more time on my computer and editing after every single
trip we went on with my family or school. Summer trips to the sea, Italy,
ski camps, even volunteering at national disasters or flying overseas.
The first step on the way to travel blogging and building a completely
remote lifestyle. I chose freedom.


I started blogging and sharing my photography on more platforms and
building a travel community. In the beginning I wasn’t even expecting that
anything like the digital nomad lifestyle existed or ever will exist.
I shared knowledge about destinations, reviews, tips and tricks and
the ultimate goal was providing all beautiful and quality travel essentials,
bags, accessories and other tools to digital nomads, travellers, tourists,
holiday-ers, adventurers – whatever you prefer calling yourself.
We all want the same thing: explore, see new, meet new, learn, share and enjoy.

We kept on photo blogging on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
and at the same time building the brand products.
We received amazing feedback as we shared our experiences while growing
rapidly. We made connections with people who follow us, who we meet
during travels, on conferences and different types of events, we love
helping those working on achieving the same kind of lifestyle.

We were still small at this stage, but I always had a large vision for what
BENYCTA can become. I met many people that would have doubts about our
potential and that didn’t share my passion. The one simple thing I always tell them is,
“the world is changing, people desire freedom more and more and the digital nomad
lifestyle today is reality and it will bring major changes to people’s lives”.


BENYCTA is still growing organically while
every piece falls into place.




In 2014 I started travelling, living in different cities and countries
and it opened my eyes wide. I already had a strong
desire for freedom but seeing others’ passion was
incredible. I threw my idea of building a travel brand to friends
and other like minded people on meetups and digital nomad events
and I got a lot of positive and inspiring feedback.

After spending months learning developing websites and testing different
platform providers, writing quality content we found out that it actually works
out much better than expected.
In fact, the blog and our social media was so successful that it easily
reached thousands of followers and fans.

BENYCTA made a great progress and it started to catch the attention
of bigger brands.
This was the time when we’ve decided to take a big next step and
launch our own collections to serve travellers and provide the community
quality products.

Our newly found business started growing organically and consistently
every month. We connect with our customers and followers building
solid relationships. It’s a simple process, we always get back to our customers
and provide them with products that we truly believe in.

We have a strong vision and goals that we’re working on to achieve with the business.