Leather is a fabric that has been used to make clothes and accessories long
before the fashion industry. It has been used in all eras, cultures since leather is a
great material that protects the human body and goods, it’s comfortable and long-lasting.

BENYCTA is an international travel brand that focuses on creating luxurious
high quality handmade leather goods, products for digital nomads, and frequent
travellers. Laptop and camera bags, backpacks, duffle bags and so on…

They are hand-sewn and manufactured with a deep passion and love. What’s
amazing about BENYCTA is that we make personalized products in terms of style
and uniqueness. Having something made especially for you gives you an amazing
feeling and truly reflects our ideology, that the goods you wear and use influence
your attitude.

Being unique in a world of mass-produced goods is definitely something great,
which is why we love BENYCTA, the Travel Brand.

Our Materials

Advantages of our first class materials


Leather is an extremely durable material. Our manufacturers make the
best from high quality leather and treat it in a way that will make it more resistant
and durable. Even though luxury leather goods might be more expensive, you can
almost always be sure that they will last decades and look just as perfect.

With time leather becomes more and more flexible keeping its shape
and strength. Don’t worry if a leather item you purchased seems a little woody in
the beginning, it will get softer. Flexibility makes leather only greater, as it molds to
its owners lifestyle, shape and way of use.

Leather is resistant to dry abrasion, can be resistant to fire (if treated for it),
and it is partly waterproof. Unlike other materials, leather is also resistant to dust
mites and fungal attacks.
We recommend to get leather travel bags as well. The last thing you want is your
less quality bag to break when you’re in a hurry catching your flight.

Leather is for characteristic people who are steady and who
values strong foundations. As the fabric lasts long it represents loyalty and

Leather is an elegant and powerful material. In its natural colour or dyed,
leather will always add a certain degree of quality to any design.
It’s an indicator of quality, appreciation of elegance, strength and naturalness. It’s
amazing how one can communicate their manner through the fabrics. Genuine
leather won’t peel or crack, so your leather goods will always be ready to use.

It’s important to wear things that are made of natural fabrics. They
will make you feel physically and mentally good, as opposed to synthetic fibers
which can make you feel bad, as they are foreign elements to your body and are
not optimized for human wear. As human beings we need to connect natural
objects when it comes to clothes. Synthetic fibers can give you a rush, make your skin itch.

Leather is natural and unlike other fabrics, leather is also
biodegradable. Even though leather is chemically treated, it does not compare to
the amount of chemicals used for producing synthetic goods. In a world where
fashion is often accused of not being environmental-friendly, owning leather goods
is just a way to be both eco-friendly and stylish.

Leather is a fabric that breathes well. If you keep your goods in
leather bags and wallets or dress up in leather, everything will be balanced and
right due to this factor. This is a great unique feature leather has, and you should
take advantage of it!

The smell of leather is organic so it also behaves well in
contact with perfumes and your natural scent. You know when you smell quality
leather, it can be addictive!

When we tell people that leather is inexpensive they
generally will say “right” with an ironic tone in their voice. But leather is truly not
expensive. It is true that leather products cost more than products made from
synthetic leather or other fabrics, but they last much longer. The cost/wear ratio is
extremely small.
For example if you buy a leather duffle bag for $695, and you’ll use it for at least
10 years, it means that it costs you only $69.5/year. From experience, we can tell
you that our leather backpacks and other types of bags will last more than 10

Leather is one of our absolute favorite fabrics, as it is strong, fits an adventurous
and quality lifestyle, it is inexpensive and natural, it looks amazing and is
extremely durable.